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Excavations Set To Restart On Giresun Island Off Turkish Black Sea Coast

Archaeological excavations that have been persevering with sporadically on Giresun (Greek Aretias) island considering the fact that 2011 will restart quickly. The island is the handiest inhabited island inside the Eastern Black Sea area.

Excavations set to restart on Giresun island off Turkish Black Sea coast
Credit: Hurriyet Daily News
Ancient Greek memories stated the island became used by Amazons, the warrior girls of legend, for fertility ceremonies and capabilities within the story of the Argonauts and the Golden Fleece. Archaeological excavations had been undertaken in 2011, 2012, 2015 and 2016.

The examinations at the Byzantine-technology tombs, partitions, the ruins of a monastery and a chapel that have been unearthed at some point of excavations display that the island served as a spiritual middle for decades.

Giresun Museum Director Hulusi Güleç said only 10 percent of the island has been excavated thus far however they intention to work in each a part of the island beginning from this yr.

Güleç stated excavations are planned to begin in the ultimate week of June and the Special Provincial Administration had supplied the allocation.

He said the earliest ruins at the island date back to the 4th century B.C. But the team has unearthed lines of existence from 2,000 B.C.

“We have now not reached concrete evidence approximately it yet. Now we plan to locate them throughout the subsequent excavations on the entire island. We purpose to find out whether or not humans lived on Giresun island heaps of years ago,” Güleç introduced.

Amazons and the Golden Fleece

“Many mythological resources seek advice from the fact that the Amazon women lived on an island inside the Black Sea. Especially, the life of the Amazons inside the Balck Sea is understood. Mythological sources document that the Amazons left for the Trojan War over the Black Sea and lived on an island. The only island inside the Eastern Black Sea region is in Giresun. It proves that the Amazons lived on the Giresun Island,” Güleç stated.

Güleç said some of spearheads and arrow heads had been located in the course of excavations that may be linked to the Amazons.

According to the Argonautica by Apollonius Rhodius the Argonauts arrived on Aretias Island early in their quest to retrieve the Golden Fleece. Fierce birds using arrow-like feathers fought towards the troops but have been anxious away with the sound of swords clanging on shields.

Güleç introduced that the imminent excavations will with any luck verify the myths with new findings during further excavations.
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